Unique in its kind in Quebec, an eyebrow designers, such as Caroline Théorêt, have their work cut out for them. Their job consists to analyze and to measure the face, correct and upgrade the eyebrows as needed, trim, draw and sculpt the eyebrow form which is most suitable to your face’s morphology. This is why clients from all over Quebec travel to obtain the perfect eyebrow at our eyebrow bar.

Eyebrow Design
For an eyebrow that was never sculpted or that needs to be corrected, opt for the eyebrow design. The service lasts 45 minutes and includes a luxury makeup touchup.

Eyebrow Cleanup
For an already sculpted or well-maintained eyebrow, opt for the eyebrow cleanup in order to refresh your line. The service lasts 30 minutes.

Permanent Eyebrow Makeup
For sparse brows, nonexistent eyebrows or for a need of correction, opt for the permanent eyebrow makeup.