Add to your wedding makeup an upsweft, half upswept, or an elegant styling while benefiting from the services of our stylists hairdressers who were recruited from the top hairdressers specialized in weddings and editorials in Quebec, as well as in Ontario.

For your wedding, graduation, or event, opt for a loose and glamorous hairstyle that can be created in many ways, such as straight, waved, curly or vintage.

Half Upswept
For the client who desires a combination of styling and haute coiffure for her wedding, graduation, or event, choose a hairstyle with one or two sides put together with the rest of the hair loosened up.

This hairstyle can be created in many ways, such as in a high, down or side bun for your wedding, graduation, or event. It can also be worn smoothly to give it a more classical aspect, to add a braiding effect or to give it a more bohemian look.

Haircut Touchup Services
To simply touch up your morning wedding haircut or to modify your haircut to an evening look, it is essential to add a touchup service in order to keep your haircut intact for as long as possible throughout the day. We strongly suggest you opt for our touch-up services during the warm seasons, as well as during the very cold seasons.

Haircut Touchup - 1 hour

1 hour: to refresh your haircut after the ceremony, before the photoshoots or before the cocktail. The service lasts for a maximum of one hour.

Haircut Touchup - Half-Day

For a person who wants to make sure that their haircut remains perfect when going through the different emotional states of the day, or through heavy sweating in the scalp. The hairdresser will follow you for a maximum of 4 hours throughout your day in order to provide regular touch ups to your haircut. The service begins the moment when all client haircuts are completed.

Haircut Touchup - Full Day

For a person who wishes to receive a service worthy of a celebrity. The hairdresser will follow you for a maximum of 8 hours throughout your day so that you remain impeccable from morning to evening. The service begins the moment when all client haircuts are completed.

Following the analysis of your morphology, the haircut will be done depending on the precise criteria which will take into account your hair’s texture and your lifestyle. A beautiful haircut will make your personality stand out.
Coloration will enhance your tint and personality. A deep analysis of your hair will be done in order to obtain sublime and brilliant results, all while keeping the quality of your hair intact.
Highlights / Shaded / Sweeping
These techniques will enhance your hair by adding shadow and lighting effects to deliver a unique and personalized result. We use a pioneering highlight-positioning method in order to create a lighting and depth effect adapted to your morphology.