Le meilleur produit bronzant

Their innovative perfume technology contributes to eliminate the revealing oder of tanning lotions and makes way for a suave perfume that is both subtle and refreshing. Created by St-Tropez, the tanning experts in whom we trust. Whether the type or color of your skin, it is easy to use and offers a beautiful and natural tan. However, to meet the clientele’s demands, St-Tropez offers two ranges of tanning products, namely the regular tanning mist and the dark tanning mist.

All spray tan products are cosmetic products containing dihydroxyacetone or DHA, a chemical agent that enables this coloration. The DHA acts by Maillard reaction on the skin’s outermost layer’s keratinocytes. This reaction results in melanoidins and water causing the skin to take a brownish color, two hours after application. Melanoidin is a brown pigment, present on the skin’s surface, which gives this bronzed color. The DHA only reacts on the skin’s outermost layer’s dead cells, time being the only limiting factor of the spray tan’s effect. In fact, the coloration disappears in four to six days. The phenomena happens because of the skin’s peeling: by eliminating the superficial skin layers, the color goes away. This dye once gave the skin a yellow-carrot tint, zebra skin due to stains and an unpleasant odour. Today, we mastered the coloration and the smell is well masked.

To maintain and prolong your tan, here’s a list of additional maintenance products available at the studio:

St-Tropez, winner of many beauty awards and currently the best tanning product on the market.