Keltoum Naas

Senior Makeup Artist

Keltoum has a career in finances as commercial accounts director. She loves her job, however, she longed for a creative and artistic aspect, something she lacked in her job. In 2010, Keltoum decided to take up a training as a professional makeup artist at the Studio Caroline Théorêt. To this day, she completed 4 sessions in makeup, including the air brush perfectionism and the photography makeup. Ever since, she is part of the Studio team as senior makeup artist. To work in makeup brings her a professional life balance and it’s a real passion for her. This passion of light and shadows, to illuminate the traits and accent the beauty pushes her to give the best that she has. Her promise is to make sure your makeup meets your highest standards. It’s thanks to her mentor, Caroline Théorêt, that she is able to provide these quality services.