Emmanuelle Campolieti

Hair Stylist

Growing up in a family of hairdressers, Emmanuelle discovers her passion for hairstyling thanks to her mentors. She begins her career by assisting two of her uncles in their salon. After four years spent behind the chair as hairstylist, this Montrealer from birth began searching for new challenges. In 2006, she studied hairstyling for two years at the Centre Paul-Émile-Dufresne à Laval. Since 2009, she was already working as a contractor, collaborating with a big artistic team working on photoshoots, short films, television shows, magazines, fashion shows, and private shows at the Semaines de Mode in Montreal and New York. Her work was published in many printed and digital magazines including Elle Québec, Snap, Clin d’Oeil, and many more. She’s also co-owner of a salon in the heart of Montreal. In 2011, she joins the team of Studio Caroline Théorêt as hairdresser. In 2012, Emmanuelle meets the artistic director of the haircut line Moroccanoil. She was offered the opportunity to join their team as educator Moroccanoil. Having now worked in the industry for more than 10 years, Emmanuelle is constantly searching for creative and inspiring experiences. “I love transforming a woman by taking her natural potential and bringing out in the surface, giving it the confidence to shine and feel beautiful”, she says.