Agnes Irla

Manicurist Expert

Agnes was always fascinated with human beings and animals, especially horses. In her youth, she spent hours observing and drawing people, nature and the animals that surrounded her. Her observing skills will lead her to follow a professional photography training and, in 2002, to begin her photography career. However, aside from the creative side she loves, she discovers the technology side of the job does not meet her personality and her expectations. She then decides to change careers and to listen to her heart, telling her to go towards what she really loves, which is beauty care and human relations. She starts studying at l’Institut France Laure in beauty care to later begin her career in many great spas across Montreal. After many years of experience in the field, she decides to become an independent worker, developing a loyal clientele. She now has ore than 10 years of experience and, in 2014, joins the Studio Caroline Théorêt team as the expert manicurist, allowing her to link her people skills and creative side.