Maquillage : Caroline Theoret
Photographe : Marie-Ève Richard ( )
Make your dreams come true

Do you want to make your dream a reality and become a professional makeup artist? The Caroline Théorêt School offers 7 semesters of professional makeup in a private or semi-private setting. Classes are offered during the day, evening and weekend. By completing the first semester, Cosmetic Makeup and Different Techniques, and the second semester, Fashion shows, weddings and ethnicities, you will obtain your professional makeup artist diploma. Afterwards, you can begin working as makeup artist in cosmetics or at our studio.

If you enrol in the third semester, Air brush makeup and spray tanning, you will obtain your professional air brush makeup artist and spray tanner diploma. You can then offer air brushing services to brides and graduating students at the studio. Adding the fourth semester, Makeup history and current trends, to your knowledge, you will receive a professional vintage makeup.

You can then begin working as a makeup artist in the fashion world. If you follow the fifth semester, photography, you will obtain a professional photography makeup artist diploma and will be able to work as a photography makeup artist.

By completing the sixth semester, HD television, aging and special effects makeup, and the seventh semester, Theater character creation, you will obtain a professional television and theater makeup artist diploma. From there on, you will be able to work in the world of television.

Maquillage : Sébastien Carri
Photographe: Alex Gilbert


Semi-private 3-hour classes (maximum of 4 students per class)
Private 2-hour classes
Classes offered at any time (day, evening, weekend)
7 semesters of 15 classes: 2 basic mandatory semesters and 5 specialized semesters
Female model required for every class
All classes are taught by Caroline Théorêt and/or Sébastien Carrie
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