Professional eyebrow design class: become an eyebrow designer

Since the last century, eyebrows always had a major influence in what made a woman beautiful. From Edith Piaf with her rounded drawn eyebrows to Marilyn Monroe with her full and clean eyebrows, we see that eyebrows change style through the years. Brooke Shields set the trend for the bushy eyebrows found today on top model Carla Delavigne. At the same time, we find a completely different eyebrow style like Kim Kardashian’s, which are full while remaining sculpted and defined.

The eyebrow design course has one goal: allow the makeup artist or the aesthetic professional to perfect their technique. You will learn that the role of an eyebrow designer is to analyze and to measure the face, correct and upgrade the eyebrows as needed, trim, draw and sculpt the eyebrow form which is most suitable to a face’s morphology.

Here’s the details concerning this one semester offered at our school:

  • Semi-private 3-hour classes (maximum of 4 students per class)
  • Private 2-hour classes
  • Classes offered at any time (day, evening, weekend)
  • 1 semester of 8 classes
  • Female model required for every class
  • All classes are taught by Caroline Théorêt
  • Mandatory eyebrow accessory kit to be purchased from l’École Caroline Théorêt (4 items)
  • Contrat d'inscription aux cours